These days almost everyone has considered ways to achieve updated interior spaces by making contributions of their own. TV remodeling and renovation shows make it look easy, and some folks have what it takes to complete some of the work (or the management of the work) themselves. Others are coaxed into trying it, only to find that they have gotten in over their heads, and to find someone to complete the work is nearly impossible. There are endless scenarios of Do-It-Yourself stories resulting in good and bad experiences.

I have to applaud anyone eager and determined enough to try a do-it-yourself project. Why? Because I am a classic example of someone who never thought of letting someone else do what I could do. That was my mindset until I finally realized that it was not always in my best interests to do the work myself, even if I could do the work properly. In many cases it is wise to turn some or all of the work over to the experts because of time limitations, ability to handle all of the burdens, or maybe someone else might simply be a bit better at it.

While there is satisfaction in a person doing a job by herself/himself, if the job is compromised in some way, it defeats the purpose. There are industry standards on properly installed systems (more on systems below). When a person with a trained eye, a qualified home appraiser, for example, can spot an improperly installed kitchen or bath, it may lose points in the overall appraisal. In addition, if the average person can look at a job and easily see that it has a lot of problems, the purpose of remodeling may have missed the target - a professional job. The DIY approach needs to be evaluated if this is a concern.

In a case where someone has enough time and knowledge to tackle the job, but lacks the overall expertise to put all the parts together (a systems approach), a coach can come in and make those evaluations with the right set of questions ahead of the execution of the job. A little coaching up front might save $thousands, prevent time-consuming setbacks, and even offer suggestions that make the functionality of the end results vastly improved - Even the 'experts' need to review procedures with manufacturers and design professionals on a regular basis.

DIY Consulting is a sure way to review hundreds of choices in a kitchen and bath design before committing to the job. $575 allows a full review of the layout, a summary of the proposed plan, and the steps and procedures involved to proceed without getting trapped in a situation that requires costly rework. The consultation includes checklists, a floor-plan layout, and physical observation of the space. This has proven to be worth every cent time and time again, with many reviews to support its effectiveness. One common response is: "We had no idea there were so many options that we were not aware of". This simply is a good idea regardless of how prepared some DIY homeowners are. Just Call!